How do I order more than one truckload (12 Cubic Yards)?

Example: Desired total material quantity = 32 Cubic Yards. Add the following to your cart:

  • Material Qty: Dump Truck - 12CY, Number of Truck Loads = 2. (24 CY accounted for)
  • Material Qty: Dump Truck - 8CY, Number of Truck Loads = 1. (Remaining 8 CY accounted for)

This will ensure the minimum number of trucks needed (and lowest shipping cost) for your order. 


How much material do I need?

Cubic Yards Calculator


Recommended construction includes at least 8" of base material (Pit Run) and 4" of road surface material (3/4" Road Mix). Compaction of both layers is required, typically done with a compaction roller. Addition of Calcium Chloride or Magnesium Chloride products can provide increased water protection. 

Example calculation for road 12 feet wide and "X" feet long

  • (12 ft width * 0.66 ft depth * X ft length) ÷ 27 = Required Pit Run for base (In Cubic Yards)
  • (12 ft width * 0.33 ft depth * X ft length) ÷ 27 = Required Road Mix for surface (In Cubic Yards)


Other Areas (Landscaping, Arenas, Etc) 

To find required volume - (Square footage of area in feet) * (Depth desired in feet) ÷ 27  = Required volume of material in Cubic Yards


What is the best material for my job?

To See Photos of or materials, please visit our Order Online Page.

Driveways - 8" of Pit Run underneath, 4" of 3/4" Road Mix on surface

Horse Arenas - C-33 Sand

Beach/Sand Box - C-33 Sand

Landscape Décor - Any Black & Tan™ Product, 3/4" Chips

Fire Pit (area meant to be walked on) - Pea Gravel

Drainage - 2" Drain Rock, 3/4" Chips

Can I get a partial load delivered?

Yes. Select any quantity (in whole cubic yards) in our online store. Your calculated price at checkout will include your material fee + shipping fee. 

Is there a quantity/yardage minimum?

No, but the shipping cost will be the same per truck, regardless of how full the truck is. 

How soon can I receive my delivery?

 Online Orders can be scheduled with a minimum 2-day lead time (load(s) will arrive the day after tomorrow). For expedited delivery, please call General Inquiries at 208-901-8189 Extension 5.


What are your delivery fees?

Emmett Local (Within 10 miles from Badger Pit) - 90$ flat delivery fee

Elsewhere - 125$ / Trucking Hour

Trucking hours are calculated based on round-trip time and number of trucks required.

For longer trips or large quantities, please call Sales at 208-901-8189 Extension 1

Will you spread the material for me?

Spreading can be accomplished, provided the dump site is level and accessible. This means that the truck/trailer has ample room to maneuver, back up, and dump. Somebody also must be on site to direct the driver, or detailed directions must be listed in the order notes. Any extra time spreading, special dumping or waiting will be an additional charge at 125$/hr. 


Do you have any materials that are not listed on the website?

Yes! For inquires regarding Decomposed Granite, Recycled Asphalt, Boulders, or other materials not listed, please call Sales at 208-901-8189 Extension 1.